Anita Hamadanizadeh PhD

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Dr. Anita Hamadani is an Assistant Professor (teaching stream) in the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. She earned her Honours BSc in Pharmacology and her Master’s in Pharmacology at the University of Toronto, where she focused on cloning and characterization of dopaminergic receptor subtypes. She completed her PhD in the Institute of Medical Science focusing on the characterization of the acute promyelocytic leukemia variant oncoprotein NuMA-RARα. She was awarded the Connaught Scholarship for the duration of four years of her degree. Dr. Hamadani is passionate about teaching and mentoring students and has played a vital role in developing and delivering high-quality laboratory experiences for undergraduate and graduate students, which are essential component of their training. Dr. Hamdani is dedicated to creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment that fosters students’ intellectual growth and critical thinking skills. She has also served as a guest lecturer in various core pharmacology courses.