Haley Wyatt PhD

Assistant Professor

Early Career Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship

Graduate Faculty Teaching Awards


  1. I came close to needing an “in-service” when I read the description of what you have studied to this point. I had to read it twice for it to sink into my brain! Extraordinary accomplishments and achievements…at the young age of 42. You have years ahead of you yet which must be very exciting for you to think about. What might the future hold for you? Wherever your journey may lead, you will do well. Congratulations and the very best of luck. Rick and Chris Dubois, Yorkton, Sask. (long-time friends of your very proud parents)
    Rick and Chris Dubois
  2. You are a shining star, Haley! We are all proud of you! Congratulations
    Linda zinkhan
  3. Congratulations on this superb accomplishment, Haley. Your career is outstanding and you are just getting started. We love you and admire you dearly. Mom and Dad Ps, Grandma Wyatt will be looking down, chuckling and saying " I always said you were going to be a good teacher"
    Gordon and Maurena Wyatt
  4. Congratulations!

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Haley’s research training began under the supervision of Tanya Dahms and Neil Ashton at the University of Regina, where she obtained her B.Sc. Honours in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Inspired by these experiences, she pursued her Ph.D. at the University of Calgary, where she trained under the supervision of Tara Beattie. Here she studied telomerase – an enzyme that has pivotal roles in aging and cancer. Haley subsequently joined the lab of Stephen West at the Francis Crick Institute in London, England to pursue her interests in DNA repair. Her postdoctoral research defined new paradigms in homologous recombination. In 2017, Haley established her own research lab in the Department of Biochemistry. Her lab studies the structure, function, and regulation of DNA nucleases that regulate DNA repair and genome stability. Haley’s students have published in high profile journals, won several prestigious awards, and made impactful contributions to science outreach and inclusive education.

From the Nomination

Dr. Wyatt is one of the most engaged, and proactive faculty in our department. Her tireless work and dedication are roll models for other junior faculty.

About the Award

This award recognizes contributions to the training and experience of graduate students by faculty members within five years of their academic appointment. These contributions are evidenced by excellence in teaching, supervision or mentorship, and dedication to students.