Latika Nirula PhD

Director, Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto and Unity Health Toronto
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) Certificate of Merit

External Education and Teaching Award Recipients

Latika Nirula


  1. Congrats Latika! Your passion for and dedication to professional development and growth never ceases to inspire me.
    S Sliekers
  2. Congrats!

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Dr. Latika Nirula is the Director of the Centre of Faculty Development, after serving most recently as the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s (CAMH) Director of Simulation and Teaching Excellence for eight years. Dr. Nirula has led a number of significant initiatives to advance faculty development across the health system, and her accomplishments include: leading in the development diverse education training programs locally and in the community, creating faculty development awards and unique programming to recognize and support teachers at CAMH, and collaborating in the development of customized faculty development programming internationally. She has led innovative digital learning initiatives for health-care providers focused on knowledge translation and exchange. Dr. Nirula is also an experienced curriculum designer and facilitator of faculty development programming, with special interests in applying simulation-based education and diverse program evaluation approaches to her work. She is highly-rated teacher, who is deeply committed to supporting faculty in enhancing their own teaching skills, exemplified by her approach to coaching and mentorship.

Dr. Nirula holds an academic appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. Dr. Nirula has a PhD from OISE/UT in Human Development and Applied Psychology, and is a graduate of the New and Evolving Academic Leaders (NEAL) program at the Centre for Faculty Development. Her research interests include faculty development to support simulation-based learning, and applications of quality improvement in the design of educational interventions for health care professionals.