Mark Wheatcroft BSc, MBChB, MD, FRCS

Associate Professor

W. T. Aikins Award for Excellence in Individual Teaching Performance: Clerkship

MD Program Awards


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Dr Mark Wheatcroft joined the University of Toronto Division of Vascular Surgery at St Michael’s Hospital in 2012. He is an Associate Professor and is currently the interim Division Head for Vascular Surgery at St Michael’s. He is Program Director for both the University of Toronto Surgical Foundations Program, and the International Fellowship Program in vascular surgery. Each year he runs the National Vascular Surgery Bootcamp, which welcomes new residents in vascular surgery from across Canada and provides instruction on the fundamental practical skills and techniques in open and endovascular surgery. He has produced a series of educational videos for the National Bootcamp, concentrating on surgical techniques and also a series on the major pathologies seen in clinical practice aimed at junior learners such as medical students and junior residents. He is passionate about teaching, whether in the classroom, clinic or Operating room, and thrives on interactions with enthusiastic learners.

About the Award

These awards are named after William Thomas Aikins, the first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine after its reorganization in1887. They are the Faculty’s most prestigious awards in the MD Program. They were established to recognize and formally reward outstanding teachers in the areas of Individual Teaching Performance (Foundations and Clerkship), Development and Use of Educational Innovations, and Course / Program Development and Coordination. Recipients of these awards have significantly contributed to high-quality undergraduate teaching by establishing and integrating new and effective methods of instruction into the curriculum.