Raj Rasasingham MD, FRCPC, DAPN

Assistant Professor

Colin Woolf Excellence in Program Development and Coordination Award

Continuing Professional Development Awards


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Dr. Raj Rasasingham is the Director of Continuing Professional and Practice Development for the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. He is the National Chair of CPD Directors in Psychiatry in Canada and has been instrumental in advancing Continuing Professional Development nationally in Psychiatry. His research has focused on virtual care and practice change in CPD. He has been awarded the Council on Psychiatric Continuing Education Award and the Ivan Silver Award for Innovation. He was also instrumental in developing an online platform for the department of Psychiatry. He is also Co-PI and collaborator on numerous grants in Post Graduate and Public Education. His other interest is in advocacy and he is the Chair of Advocacy and Global Psychiatry for the Canadian Academy of Child Psychiatry (CACAP). He is also a recipient of the Paul Steinhauer Advocacy Award and serves as the current Vice President/ President Elect of CACAP.

From the Nomination

Dr. Raj Rasasingham led the development and coordination of the Annual 2021 University of Toronto Psychopharmacology Conference, which aims to meet the psychopharmacology and general psychiatric treatment learning needs for a range of healthcare providers, specifically clinicians in psychiatry and primary care. The faculty for the Psychopharmacology Conference sessions are experts from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. Education sessions integrate an across the life cycle approach to pharmacotherapy and cover a range of psychiatric conditions including bipolar disorder, depression, and substance use disorders.This annual conference has been highly rated as excellent by our attendees and qualitative feedback has been exceptional as well. The virtual design and large engagement of participants and outcomes of this event have demonstrated the excellence and impact of the University of Toronto Psychopharmacology Conference. The conference addressed gaps in pharmacotherapy through a comprehensive needs assessment, used an across-the lifespan approach to content, leveraged new technology and engaged a diverse range of participants. Moreover, the post-conference, practice change research has shown the impact of this conference to the broader medical community.

About the Award

The Colin R. Woolf Awards were created to recognize outstanding contributions to continuing professional development. They recognize excellence in the following categories: program development and coordination, long term contributions to continuing professional development, and sustained excellence in teaching in continuing professional development.