Jastaran Singh PhD

Assistant Professor

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in Life Sciences

Undergraduate Teaching Awards in Life Sciences

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Dr. Jasty Singh received her PhD in Immunology from the University of Toronto, where she studied the intrathymic intricacies of T-cell development. Her postdoctoral fellowship (Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto) enabled her to extend these interests into the stem cell bioengineering space, where she engineered immune cells and developed clinically relevant biomaterials for immunotherapeutic application. Currently, Dr. Singh is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream and the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies in Immunology. Her previous research experiences have guided her pedagogical research interests, which primarily focus on building interdisciplinary collaborations for preparing undergraduate life sciences researchers to engage with statistics in research. To this end, Dr. Singh has collaborated with developmental biologists, statisticians, and bioengineers, and she has designed and delivered several new undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto including STA288: Statistics and Scientific Inquiry in the Life Sciences and IMM360: Scientific Methods and Research in Immunology.

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This award recognizes sustained excellence in teaching, coordination and/or development of an undergraduate lecture or seminar course in Arts and Science offered by the Basic Sciences Departments of the Faculty of Medicine.